February 2017

Daily we read tragic stories concerning families in Birmingham and I admit it breaks my heart to hear of the loss of a life due to the evil in our world. This reminds me that we see brokenness everyday at our ministry center and we ourselves are broken. Without grace, I could be sitting on the other side of the desk or in prison because of the many bad decisions I made in my past. While we are still works in progress, we must not forget that Christ restores our brokenness. Our response everyday should be to love our neighbors without judgement, care for each other, and have compassion as Jesus did - this moves us to do something!

Mark your calendars for our 4th Annual Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction on April 28th at 6:30pm at FBC Trussville.

You can purchase tickets HERE.

You can find out how to become an event sponsor HERE.

We ask for your continued support and prayer for the work being done here at the You.  

February Highlights:

  • 173 families (456 people) shopped for groceries in our client choice food pantry
  • 364 weekend backpack snacks delivered to children in need of food
  • 120 hot meals served for the men staying at the Changed Lives Christian Center and Steel City Ministries
  • 3 WorkFaith referred graduates
  • 12 people attending our 9-week Financial Peace classes
  • $10,085.66 given in crisis financial assistance
  • prayer, encouragement, and gospel shared with every person that came to SYM

In Christ,

John Gibson