November 1, 2016

Good Morning,

We are excited to share an exciting new story from the month of October. As you know we see many people each month (220 people this past month to be exact), many of the people we see need immediate financial assistance due to a job loss, or having a single income to support a family, or by being placed on maternity leave, or due to other circumstances that lead to a crisis moment in their life.  However, some people we see need to get back into the workplace and their financial crisis will not change until their income changes.  So we offer a back loaded incentive based program for those that fall in that category.  With our partnership with WorkFaith (reminder they are located in the same building as us), each person can attend a 9-day work development class (7 hours per day) and receive the instructions and knowledge to empower them to land a job. The incentives for any person willing to choose that program offering is as follows:

  1. Receive a two-week supply of food after completion of the first 5 days of class
  2. Upon graduation of class, we will financial assist them up to $150 on a utility bill
  3. Upon employment, we will financial assist the family again until their first paycheck arrives

We are happy to announce that 5 people successfully fulfilled the incentive program through WorkFaith and Serving You this month.  It was a great reminder that God blesses when ministries and churches work together for His sovereign plan.

Other highlights:

  • 5 people prayed to receive Christ
  • 336 people prayed for
  • 80 meals served at Changed Lives Christian Center
  • 300 backpack snacks provided (equivalent to 2100 meals for children over the course of a weekend)
  • Dinner served at the Oliver Elementary PTA program for over 100 parents and children
  • Financial  Assistance Total: $11,350.68
  • Food Families: 176 families shopped for groceries in our client choice food pantry (479 individuals)

Thanks for your generous support of Serving You Ministries.

In Christ,

John Gibson
Executive Director