How is Serving You Funded?

Click on the buttons below to become a monthly sponsor or make a one time donation. We are grateful for each of our partners who make this ministry possible!

One Time Donation


Serving You Ministries is asking for your help to support families in our community this year. Our campaign is called SERVING 911. $9 a month will serve 1 family 1 time this year. 100% of your tax deductible donation will go toward helping a family in the following areas: 

  1. A client choice food pantry that will provide 490 meals per $108 given (Total budget $30,000). 

  2. Weekend backpacks snacks that will be given to children in area schools who show signs of malnutrition over the course of a weekend. 25 backpack snacks provided per $108 given (Total budget $15,000). 

  3. Assistance with a utility bill that will help relieve the burden of having no power, hot water, or way to cook. (Total budget $130,000) 

  4. Providing hope to families in the greater Birmingham area by providing sustainable solutions to challenges they face. We assist in education, child care, job readiness, safe and affordable housing, health and nutrition, and crisis relief through our hub partnerships. (Total budget $75,000) 

Serving You Ministries  is a non-profit organization that is sustained by God's grace and the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, and faithful local churches.  Please consider joining this generous community. 

To donate, you can click on the links above or mail us a check payable to:
Serving You Ministries
6523 First Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35206